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If you are contemplating divorce, counsel can provide guidance on the process. Although a divorce may be an emotional experience, we will guide you through the process with dignity, direction and confidence. We are experienced in and can assist in mediation to resolve all issues, and often recommend this alternative approach to dispute resolution. (more)


Maryland custody law draws from a variety of sources – case law and statutory law - that must be read together in order to appreciate the complexities of the law and to best achieve each client’s objectives. (more)


We recommend initial mediation to all of our clients as a means to resolve family law disputes effectively in a cost efficient manner. Mediation allows spouses to face each other in a non-confrontational setting to address their differences and to determine their future course of action without the mandate of a court or the cost of litigation. And even if you do decide to proceed to court, under Maryland Rule 9-205, litigants in cases involving contested custody issues are referred to mediation, unless there is a genuine issue of physical or sexual abuse of a party or child. (more)


The attorneys at the Law Offices of Julie Ellen Landau bring to their clients more than thirty years of combined litigation experience, earning them a reputation throughout the State of Maryland for handling litigation matters professionally and successfully for their clients (more)

Prenuptial Agreements

We can guide you through the delicate process of negotiating the prenuptial agreement with your fiancé. A carefully negotiated prenuptial agreement can prevent litigation if a marriage ends in divorce. This agreement protects the financial assets each partner brings to the relationship and may define support rights following marriage. (more)


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